KPS Training Subsidy Scheme

KPS Training Subsidy Scheme

1. Purpose. The KPS Training Subsidy Scheme is intended to use a portion of KPS funds to facilitate development of the photographic skills, including skills related to stills, audio visual (AV) and video, of individual members and enhance KPS’s general knowledge base for the benefit of all its members. It is not intended to support training specifically for members’ commercial or professional ambitions, e.g. tertiary or industry-based education courses.

2. Budget. The KPS Committee shall set aside an amount in the annual budget for “individual training subsidies” to members subject to the guidelines below. An additional amount will be set aside for “group training subsidies” to be used for engaging professional photographers for targeted group activities, eg internal workshops, city walk, weekend guide, etc. If any year’s subsidy budget is not fully spent, the KPS Committee will decide if the excess will be carried over to supplement the subsequent year’s budget.

3. Eligibility. Individual training subsidies will be available to all financial members of at least 12 months standing, irrespective of their photography skills or experience.

4. Administration. The KPS Committee shall elect a KPS Training Subsidy Subcommittee comprising at least 3 members, of which at least one must be a KPS Committee executive office bearer, to administer the allocation of subsidies on its behalf.

5. Amount of subsidy. Individual training subsidies may be provided for formal photography training courses or workshops to the value of (i) half of the course cost, or (ii) a maximum of $200, whichever is the lesser, eg. a $146 course would receive a $73 subsidy, whereas a $550 course would receive a $200 subsidy. These amounts may be varied from time to time by the KPS Committee.

6. Application process. A request for a subsidy must be submitted to the subcommittee using the application form available on the KPS website and should receive approval BEFORE signing up to a subsidised photographic course or workshop. The subcommittee leader shall be responsible for convening the subcommittee as soon as practicable to consider the application and advising the applicant by email of the result. Applicants should allow two (2) weeks for an application to be approved. In situations where such prior approval is impracticable, e.g. where it may jeopardise the member’s ability to secure a booking, the member must still apply for a subsidy as soon as possible and may, at their own discretion and risk, book the training event prior to approval by the subcommittee. If the request is subsequently declined KPS will not be liable for any of the member’s costs.

7. How the subsidy is paid. A member who has received approval for a subsidy shall pay the full cost of the training event. The approved subsidy will be paid as a rebate upon production of a receipt and evidence of completion of the event.

8. Approved applications for, and payment of, training subsidies will be presented at each monthly KPS Committee meeting (the first Wednesday of the month, February to November).

9. Subsidy frequency. A member will not receive more than $200 worth of subsidies in any period of two (2) KPS financial years. No more than one application per member per training event will be considered, e.g. a four year course is considered to be one training event.

10. A member will not receive subsidies for more than one similar course or workshop in any period of three (3) financial years. Such similarities shall be adjudged by the subcommittee.

11. It is expected that members will bring back their training experience to share with KPS as a whole by e.g. participating in monthly educational nights, on panels, by offering ad-hoc help to members at outings or at other KPS events, etc.

12. Subsidies are provided on a first-come basis, but when the annual budget has been reached then no more subsidies will be available in that KPS financial year.

13. Subsidies are not applicable to KPS-led training courses such as Introduction to Photography, Introduction to Lightroom, Advanced Lightroom, Introduction to Elements or others that may become available, as these are already heavily subsidised and the trainers are KPS member-volunteers.

Document date: 15 June 2019


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