Comments from KPS members about our new website

Comments from KPS members about our new website

“Dynamic is the most apt description, yet easy on the eye. My compliments to those involved” – Klaudio.

“Your hard work has paid off. Thanks for your efforts on our behalf” – Julie B.

“Awesome work guys” – Samantha.

“Well done mate looks great!!!! works really well!!! Great step forward.” – Denman.

“Well done ! Nice clean crisp design. Uncluttered and easy navigation. Contemporary, consistent font, limited to 2 sizes and colours ….. excellent ! It really lets the pictures do the talking ! Well done.” – Barbara

“Wonderful improvement! Looks great. ” – Kathie

“Congratulations! I have been there and it is easy to navigate through and looks great. ” – Kathleen

“Great site! It would be good to include some educational materials, eg: the adorama youtube video links, links of the speakers’ presentations, etc.” – Annie

“The new website is very impressive and obviously a lot of work has gone into it. KPS is always evolving and that is perhaps one of the things that makes the club so successful. Not many clubs can boast of such high membership over many years”. – Susanne

I’ve just been looking at the new KPS website – wow it looks spectacular! Nice clear layout and design, very crisp and sharp-looking. I especially like the FAQ section – it answers all the questions I had when I first joined. The club event images section is also great as I think it gives people a good idea of what goes on at the club – and the photos look really good. Well done and many thanks to those who did the hard yards to put all that together.” – Saku


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