KPS comes second in international competition.

Knox Photographic Society has taken second place in an international photography competition. The winning team, from Melton Mowbray Photographic Society in the United Kingdom just managed to pip KPS at the post with a score of 345.5 as opposed to our 339. Helping Melton Mowbray to their win was the image above, Sand Rider by Dan Gough.

With the scores being so close it was almost a draw so we could probably claim that it was actually a draw and with just a few more points we would have won. The percentage difference between the scores was practically nil so in real terms we may actually have taken first place which would have been the natural order of things. We are sure normality will return next year.

One photographer scored a perfect 15 out of 15 from both judges and that photographer was non other than our own Kim Wormald.

Yellow Robin by Kim Wormald - a perfect 15

Yellow Robin by Kim Wormald – a perfect 15

Congratulations to our UK cousins at Melton Mowbray but remember, to slightly mis-quote Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 “We’ll be back”

The pedants among you may try to point out that with only two clubs competing, KPS actually came stone cold last which, while technically correct, doesn’t sound anywhere as good as coming second. So, we came second!

To see the top ten images from the competition click here.




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