The 2016 KPS ‘National’ Competition

The 2016 KPS ‘National’ Competition has come and gone amid a flurry of controversy over the decisions of one of the judging panels.

Our ‘National’ competition gains its name from the way it is conducted, not because it is open to all and sundry – which it’s not).

Judging takes place in real time with judges allowed only a few seconds to view and score an image. Judges were swapped for each of our five sections which were Creative/Altered Reality, Monochrome, Nature, Scapes and Portrait.

Our spreadsheet guru, Gary, has designed our scoring system to flag major discrepancies in the scores and it was such a discrepancy that led to the controversy.

One judge scored an image 1 out of a possible 5 and another judge 5 out of a possible 5. This difference of opinions highlighted the fallibility of judges and their interpretation of the rules.

Both used the rules to justify their decisions and it all came down to their interpretation of the rules. Being a devout coward, your correspondent isn’t game to side with one or the other but just thought this controversy was worthy of mention. It also points out that just because one judge doesn’t like your image (for a particular competition) it doesn’t mean that it won’t do well elsewhere.

The two judges involved did not resort to fisticuffs or foul language over their difference of opinion (which would have been controversial – but really interesting – in it’s own right).

Following the rules for National competitions one our judges excused himself from voting on an image when he recognised it as one of his wife’s pictures.

Obviously, this was the correct procedure.

He did not specify if he would have scored it highly to gain brownie points at home or was prepared to damn it with a low score thereby incurring her wrath. Husbands will understand him not damning the image with a low score.

In any case, we believe they are still talking.

Apart from your correspondent’s images not winning anything it was a fun night and seemed to be enjoyed by most.

We shall, in the fullness of time, upload a gallery of the winning entries onto our website. Until then, here are a few images from the night. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version.


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