July Excursion to Healesville

The July excursion wasn’t well attended, perhaps because the weather forecast wasn’t too flash, but those who risked the weather were pleased that they went.

Report by Andrew Fenwick.

We had terrific day.  In attendance were Cheryl, Gary, Robyn and myself.  We started with a ride on the old Healesville motor rail, after which a remarkably knowledgable and helful bloke named Andy offered unasked to take us through the maintenance shed, where we met the railway cat, whose name Robyn can’t remember.

Then off to Maroondah Dam, where we had an encounter with the local birdlife.  We decided to ditch Tarrawarrah from the itinerary, and instead followed Cheryl through a creek to a little weir whose name Robyn also can’t remember, but Cheryl could tell you.

It was mid afternoon by then and really too late for lunch, but not too late for Gary to show us his favourite cafe in Healesville an enjoy a glass of Chianti and a couple of panini.  A great time was had by all.  Many thanks to Sheryle who was an enthusiastic guide to some interesting sights.

Thanks to Robyn Varley for her images from the day (below).


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