KPS Community Education Projects

Over the past 12 months KPS has been involved in a number of photographic focused community projects.

These have included:

  • Knoxbrooke (handicapped adults)
  • Boronia West PS photography classes, production and school images
  • Mountain District Learning Centre Photography Classes
  • Fairhills Photography Classes.

Many classes have been aimed specifically at “Kids at Risk”. It has been a rewarding experience.

Thanks goes to all the members that participated, especially Julie B, Margaret Z, Noel B, Ray G, Graeme T, Peter K, Lyn S, Rob S.
During 3rd term Peter and Rob (Co-ordinated by Dianne from MDLC) ran classes at Fairhills SC.

Below is some of the feedback from 9 of the students. They were a great group and made some awesome images, including the picture above this post.


Sort of makes it all worth it (don’t it) sic.



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