2020 Image Evaluation Subjects

KPS – Set Subject definitions for 2020

The 2020 Syllabus can be accessed here

On the Wing – March

The main subject could be something in flight. It could be a living creature or a man-made object. Or the main subject could be something on a wing. The main subject should be in sharp focus but not necessarily the background.

Hidden Faces – June

The main subject should resemble the face of a human or an animal but should not actually be a real face. An example could be something found in nature such as a tree trunk, or a man-made object such as a light switch.

Golden – August

The main subject should be something such as an object made of the metal gold, a golden moment or a golden handshake, or the whole image should be golden in tone.

Less is More – October

We are looking for simplicity and strength in composition with nothing to distract the eye from the main subject.

Image Evaluations 2020
February – KPS National
March – Set Subject – On the Wing
April – Tryptich and AV
May – Unrestricted
June – Set Subject – Hidden Faces
July – Monochrome Interclub
August – Set Subject – Golden
September – Unrestricted
October – Set Subject – Less is More
November – Unrestricted
December – Paul Burke People’s Choice.

The 2020 Syllabus can be accessed here

Please note that the syllabus is subject to change at any time.

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