Book Design

One of the KPS image evaluations for 2018 is to make a photographic book.

The idea behind this challenge is to endeavour to encourage our members to do something with their images other than have a hard drive full of images that no-one sees. 

The book can be presented as a hard copy or a PDF, it should have 24 pages (12 sheets of paper) and can be whatever shape you like.  It should be about A4 size.

We would love to see a printed book as we hope you might as well, but it can be submitted as pdf or printed book or even hand made, sewn, bound and finished beautifully.

Core content should include a title page, probably a copyright and related notations (maybe a dedication), an introduction, then the photos and text captions or more text as appropriate, but the dominant content must consist of photographs.

Content can be arranged as anything from free format to themed sections, single image per page to collages.

The cover is probably easiest as imagewrap with front and back covers and text on the spline.

A roughed out project brief should be prepared before you start: this might be just a page or so maybe with basic ideas, purpose of the book, a couple of layout sketches, book title, etc.

You may be more comfortable with designing your book on paper rather than electronically and so a hand made book with your photos as prints glued onto the pages and neat text would also be permissible. It would be great (but not compulsory) if you could photograph your hand made book, from cover to cover and submit the images so that we can all see it on evaluation night.

Expensive is not the aim, it is all about trying to work a concept, so any publisher from BigW, Photobookshop, Blurb etc or other printer is fine as is hand-written.

In April, noted graphic designer Anna Wolf spoke to a meeting about good design.

Anna had kindly let KPS use her presentation for members to revisit her talk, albeit without the talk, just the images. You can view the slideshow below or download a PDF.
Anna’s presentation, available as a PDF, that can be viewed here. It is about 100mb in size.



The presentation below is one that was shown to the club in 2015 so the software may have changed some but the general idea should be similar.

To run the slideshow simply press the large triangle at bottom left of the slideshow window or use the single slide triangles to go through it at your own pace.

Clicking the open box icon makes the slideshow full screen.

Adobe Lightroom also has a book module and Adobe’s Julieanne Kost has lots of tips for using Lightroom to make a book on her blog, here.

Further tips can be found here


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