Image Evaluations

Image Evaluations

KPS runs image evaluations every month and comprised of a set subject or ‘themed’ section and an ‘open’ section where you are not constrained to a set theme. There are divisions for prints and projected images and all these are divided into Novice (to give the judge notice that these images are from less experienced shooters) and Open sections. The images are assessed and critiqued by an experienced, completely impartial, appropriately qualified person – who is typically referred to as The Judge.

Monochrome, toned and colour images are all eligible in every category, unless the assessment is specifically for monochrome images only. All images are eligible – film or digital based, home darkroom processed, inkjet or commercially printed or simply as digital files.


Members hand in their entries for the month’s competition at the 1st meeting of the month (2nd Wed). Presentation of The Judge adjudications and merit awards is at the 2nd meeting of the month (4th Wed).


The works entered for evaluation are reviewed off-site by the selected judge, usually a week or so prior and the adjudications, which are presented during the second meeting of the month. Judges are sufficiently skilled in their ability to assess photographs and members use these evaluations to get constructive criticism of their efforts from more experienced and qualified people. Merit certificates are awarded and presented to those photographers whose work warrants such certificates on ‘judging night’ and all images that gain merit awards during the year are eligible for entry into the ‘Image of the Year’ evaluation, held on our last meeting for the year in December. The evaluations are designed to help member’s improve their techniques by exposing their work to experienced photographers. The comment by the judge is a major part of the evaluation process and is provided to help photographers gain information and knowledge in the progression towards their betterment.

Novice Division

In an effort to avoid a genuine beginners feeling intimidated by others with more (and obvious) expertise, KPS provides a specific Novice division.



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