Interclub Image Evaluations

Some members enter individual or collective works into a variety of state (Victorian and other states), National and even International competitions.

KPS holds an annual interclub competition in July – the “KPS Monochrome Interclub”. People mistakenly interchange monochrome with black and white. In reality it is a ‘monochrome’ competition, not strictly black and white, so single-toned images are eligible. Other clubs are invited to participate and typically, 6 to 8 clubs agree to participate each year. This is a very popular event and the invitation list changes each year. KPS also competes in other interclub events run by various other photographic clubs and societies.

Check the KPS Newsletter for updates on Interclub Evaluations.

The Victorian Association of Photographic Societies, of which KPS is an affiliated member, holds an annual Interclub competition in June. Clubs throughout Victoria submit a selection of works for judging, with the high scorers being displayed in exhibition at the annual Convention. Aggregate scores rank the individual clubs and a range of prizes are awarded. The top images from this competition are then entered into an interstate competition, coordinated by the Australian Photographic Society.

Audio Visuals

KPS occasionally has an AV assessment but there are several members who are active in this area competing in VAPS, National and International competitions.

Contact the committee if this area interests you.

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