Equipment for loan to KPS members

Knox Photographic Society has various items of equipment that are available for loan to financial members in good standing.

  • All loans are at the discretion of the Equipment Officers (Rob and Jane) and /or the club committee.
  • Equipment may not be available when you want it.
  • Loans are for ONE WEEK, generally Wednesday to Wednesday.

If you wish to borrow equipment you will need to sign a loan form agreeing to reimburse the club for any loss or damage to the equipment should damage occur when the equipment is booked out to you.

Equipment available:

Jinbei Monobloc Battery lighting – 3 heads, diffusers, umbrellas, snoots, stands etc.

  • These monoblocs can be used for HSS or High Speed Sync (can be used at high shutter speeds) providing one uses a suitable controller for their camera.
  • We currently have controllers for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fuji cameras (with controllers for Panasonic and Olympus on their way).
  • Your camera may NOT be compatible with HSS but will probably work at your camera’s normal flash sync shutter speed eg at 1/250th second or less. 
  • Borrowing the Jinbei lights is limited to those members who have done our Jinbei Lighting Setup course.
  • KPS Manual for our Jinbei lights is available as a PDF here.

The original monobloc (mains powered) lights.

Mat Cutter 

Color Munki Screen Calibrators.

  • What is Screen Calibration and why should I care? – Click here   Note: The  KPS Color Munki is far simpler to use than the X-Rite i1 Display Pro and software shown at that link you just skipped over.
  • If you want to read lots more, and go into greater detail, visit the Image Science Knowledge Centre

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