If you are thinking of joining Knox Photographic Society, we hope that most of your questions can be answered be reading our FAQ below.

If not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using our contact page.


How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

It’s easy.  You just fill out a form,

For all you need to know, click here

How do I Mount Prints for image evaluations?

Easy, just follow the instructions here.

These requirements were introduced by VAPS in early 2018 and are perfect for KPS as well.

What is happening at KPS in 2018?

Well, as usual, lots of things!

You can read our 2018 syllabus by following the link near the bottom of our home page

You will need a pdf reader to be able to read it but if you don’t have one installed on your computer, a great way to go is https://www.gonitro.com/au/pdf-reader if you are a Windows user.

How can I pay you money?

If you need to pay your membership or perhaps you want to pay for one of our photography courses or excursions you can either:

  • Pay our Treasurer in cash at a meeting
  • Pay by cheque (payable to Knox Photographic Society Inc)
  • Pay by Direct Deposit into our bank account (which is the method we prefer).

Our banking details are:

Knox Photographic Society Inc    BSB 063108  Account 10093089

Please ensure that you put your name & reason for sending money in the “Description They’ll See” section of your bank’s transfer form and complete the form below to let our Treasurer know you have sent money to us.

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Does KPS have a Facebook Page?

We do!

You can find the public page here. 

If you are a KPS member, we also have a KPS Members Only Facebook page here

We are not on any other forms of social media.

Do you have a Code of Ethics?

We do, and we expect all our members to adhere to this code.

Please read it before deciding to join KPS.

You can read it here or you can download a pdf version here.

Can you teach me photography?

We can!

Every third Wednesday of the month is a practical or educational night where we hope to impart knowledge or tips to improve members photography.

We run regular outings where members can swap hints and tips in a less formal atmosphere. Just because a member has been taking pictures for a long time doesn’t mean they can’t learn something new.

KPS runs classes every year including Photography Basics (we all have to start somewhere).

We also run classes on using photographic software, notably Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Elements.  There is much more to photography than just pushing a shutter. Using software to improve your images is akin to editing a document – rarely is your first draft ‘just right’.

Many members are also regularly using Adobe Photoshop or other programs and are happy to help if you have a question.

KPS also sponsors masterclasses and workshops which helps to bring new skills into the club.

KPS has a number of more experienced members who are prepared to act as mentors for those with a thirst for knowledge.

Do you have a Newsletter?

We Do!

We have a weekly newsletter which is there to keep members up to date with club events as well as relevant news from the world of photography.

We also have an occasional magazine called Aperture which is more people focused about club members and club events.

The download file size is quite small, usually somewhere between 150 and 250 kb. That’s kilobytes, so it is generally less than one quarter of one megabyte per email. Subscribing to KPS newsletters would usually mean 5 emails per month although we do sometimes send out additional communications for items we feel can’t wait for the weekly newsletter.

You can easily un-subscribe by following the links at the bottom of everything we send out.

We will not knowingly share your email address with anyone.

If you wish to subscribe to these (sorry, it’s both or nothing) please click here

You don’t need to be a KPS member to subscribe to our newsletters.

When and where do you meet?

We meet at the Boronia West Primary School most Wednesday nights. The first Wednesday of the month is a Committee meeting.

Officially, we start at 7.45pm but the doors open about 7.30pm.

The second Wednesday of the month we have a guest speaker, who presents a ‘seminar’ on something photographic.

The talks are usually centered about that speakers’ particular experiences and talents.

Members also hand in their works for the current month’s image evaluation.

The third Wednesday of the month we have a ‘Prac Night’.

The fourth Wednesday is a night for image evaluation. At this meeting, a judge/judging panel, either from another camera club, or from our own Society, presents opinions of the photographic works submitted for the monthly evaluation.

Should there be a fifth Wednesday in the month, we traditionally have a film night with, not surprisingly, films about photography (we supply the Jaffas!)

Like to see a map of where we are? Click here.

We have a calendar of club events here.


What does it cost to join KPS?

We prefer to think of our fees as an investment in yourself, rather than a cost.

Our membership fees, which have remained constant for some years now are:

Single $50.00

Family $65.00 Adult (single or couple) and any number of non-working children, up to the age of 18.

Concession $40.00  People who receive a Commonwealth Government Pension, such as Age, War Service, Widow’s Pension, and Unemployment Benefits.

Note: A Seniors Card is not a valid concession. Bona-fides must be presented (each year) to validate the concession.
KPS also has an Absentee Membership category which is subject to committee approval.
 Fees are for a calendar year but the Treasurer may set a pro-rata fee depending on the time of year fees are paid.
If you feel that you cannot abide by our Code of Ethics then please don’t join our club.
If you wish to pay KPS for a membership, details on how to do so are here.
Do you have Competitions?

We prefer to call them Image Evaluations.

We have monthly evaluations, generally with an outside judge, who gives a brief evaluation of images submitted to our image steward.

Images aren’t scored. An image can only be awarded a Commended or a Highly Commended or receive no award at all. Nothing else.

If you are uncomfortable with this process, more experienced photographers within the club can give you feedback in a less public session.

KPS members are also able to enter interclub competitions, particularly Knox’s annual Monochrome Interclub which is the only one in Victoria.  There are opportunities to enter State and National interclub competitions and a number of our members have also been successful in the international arena.

Do I need a ‘good’ camera to join KPS?

There are many different types of cameras, some more suited to particular tasks than others. Our members use cameras from point and shoots to high end DSLRs as well as the new mirrorless cameras. A camera club is a great place to get a range of opinions as to what type of camera may suit you and the type of pictures you like to take. The most important tool in photography is that one between your ears, not a camera.

Do I need to know anything about photography to join KPS?

No! Whatever your level of knowledge there is a place for you at KPS. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and helpful club where those with a little more knowledge than others share it around for the benefit of all.  We also run classes annually – more information here.

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