Follow the rules!

Over the last few months Peter and I have been dismayed with the tardiness creeping into how you are presenting your entries to the monthly image evaluations and the interclub competitions.
Case in point, it took me over 9 hours to receive, check, catalog and FIX the entries for this month’s June image evaluations, not to mention the 2.5 hours I had to drive to deliver them to the judge in Cockatoo (ok, the drive is part of the job and many judges are closer, but you can see how it all adds up!).  The monthly image compilation should only take me 3-4 hours at home.
Another case in point, Peter had to repair mounting problems on almost 30% of the prints that were chosen to represent KPS in the recent VAPS and Camberwell interclubs.
So what is happening?
  • Prints need secure backing boards using quality tape and not Sellotape or magic tape or cheap masking tape or narrow other tape, and especially not double sided tape.
  • Print labels are often curling off because they do not have enough adhesive or the backing board is old or dirty.
  • EDI files are not being named properly.  You are to use hyphens between the KPS ID, the title and the sufffix, ie X99-Image Title-OSS with no extra spaces around the hyphens, no underscores, no non alpha numeric characters in the image title.
  • The filename suffix must reflect the category you are entering, EDI or Print EDI, and the grade, Novice or Open, and the subject, either Set Subject or Unrestricted Subject.  Hence you can only have any of the following NSS, NUS, OSS, OUS, PNSS, PNUS, POSS, POUS and nothing else.  Nothing like OOS.
  • If you have prints make sure your EDI versions have P in the suffix, ie PNSS, PNUS, POSS, POUS.  Otherwise how are we meant to know?  We start off with them in the normal EDIs and then have to match everything to the prints and then sort out the mismatch and then re-sort them and then rename them and then change the scoresheet order.
  • We need your files named correctly before you send them.  Do not put the filenames in the email and expect us to rename the jibberish filenames on the actual files on your behalf.
  • For interclubs we will tell you if there is a need to use a special file suffix, and if you are not sure check with us first.
  • EDIs (for either category) must not exceed 1920 pixels width or 1080 pixels height. Period. Nothing else.  Many of you are producing files that might fit 1080 width x 1920 height, but that is not right as they are now too high.
  • If you achieve the correct pixel sizing your filesize will rarely exceed 1500Kb, but if it does you should reduce the jpeg quality.
  • EDIs must be saved as sRGB colour space and must have a jpg file extension, not jpeg.
  • Some of you are adding the jpg file extension without realising your software adds it automatically, so we see files named X99-Image Title-OSS.jpg.jpg
So why these seemingly pedantic requirements?  We use some simple computer programs to sort and compile the 90 to 120 monthly entries into the judge’s scoresheet, and every error you make adds up to seconds and sometimes minutes trying to sort out why the sorting program is not working, or why we can’t match print EDIs to prints, or why you are in the wrong grade, or why your EDI looks weird on the screen.  Poorly mounted prints means thay may fall apart when being sorted by us or the judge, or put on display, and crummy tape may peel and damage other prints.
All of this is in the Image Evaluation Rules here
If you were entering a National or International competition your submission would be rejected outright with no further correspondence entered into.  You would soon learn to read the rules!

There is information on the KPS website about resizing EDIs:

If you are having trouble making sense of it or resizing your images or mounting your prints, please ask someone for help.
Peter and I will point out issues to those very new members when they are submitting entries but if we have to do it for everyone then that takes even more time and effort on our part.
To help you realise the error of your ways we may soon have to consider simply rejecting entries from longer term members that do not comply – no correspondence, just that you will not see them that month and will not benefit from the judge’s critique.  We do not want to take this action, but we are in KPS to have fun too, and our service to you as KPS Image Stewards becoming a chore.
Gary Dawson
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