Image Requirements for Member Galleries

As you know, we would like to show our member’s work in their own personal galleries on the KPS website.

All you need to do is send between 6 and 24 images to and, in the fullness of time, we will put them into a gallery for you.

Please make them the same size as any images you send for the monthly image evaluation.

KPS PI Dimensions

In case you can’t remember, the details are here.  In summary though, we want sRGB jpg files, no larger than 1.5mb. If it is a horizontal or landscape pic then a maximum 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high is what we want.

If you send a vertical or portrait pic then no taller than 1080 pixels high is what we are after. Again, no larger than 1.5mb, in jpg format and sRGB is what we are after.  If you aren’t sure about resizing them, put your full size images on a USB stick and hand it to Noel B on a club night and he will resize them for you. He is amenable to a nice bottle of red (say, a Pepperjack Shiraz) if you are feeling grateful. Or you could try the instructions for Faststone Image Resizer (a free program for Windows) here or Adobe Lightroom here.

To save us lots of effort can you rename your images like this  Title by Your Name

eg A Winter’s Morn by Fred Bloggs

Please pay attention to spelling and capitalisation.

If you can rename your images properly it saves us a LOT of retyping.


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