Iridient X-Transformer for Fujifilm Cameras

On the left side is the results from Iridient X-Transformer for Windows with the default settings, on the right is Lightroom with no sharpening. Other than white balance in Lightroom the only changes are the sharpening for the .raf file.


In the examples below, the left side is the X-transformer with it’s default settings whereas the Lightroom image has been sharpened to 70% to make it appear about as sharp as the Iridient version but this has introduced more artifacts.

If you are really keen, you can download some jpeg versions of these conversions here as the images on this page don’t clearly show the differences.

There are two files, suitably named, of about 3.5mb each. They will allow you to pop them into Lightroom or Photoshop and really do a bit of pixel peeping. To download them, right click on the file names and save to your computer.


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