Resizing your Images for KPS using Faststone Image Resizer

As you know by now, KPS needs images sent to it to be resized for projection using our digital projector.

Images need to be  no more than 1080 pixels high nor more than 1920 pixels wide. These dimensions are not interchangeable ie we cannot accept images 1920 high.

Fortunately it is really simple to resize images using Adobe Lightroom (instructions here) but you may not have this program (but you really should, as a lot of people at KPS ‘speak’ Lightroom, so help is at hand).

If you don’t have Lightroom but are a Windows computer user then we can recommend a great FREE program for resizing your images.

It is called Faststone Image Resizer, and it’s available here.

Once you have downloaded and installed Faststone Image Resizer and you are ready to resize your image (or images – you can do bulk resizes) simply open the program and, using the  navigation tools near the top left of the window, navigate to the folder that contains the image or images that you want to resize. Ensure that Batch Convert (again near the top of of the open window) is highlighted.

Select the image or images you want to resize, then click Add as in the example below.

The output folder needs to be somewhere you can find your resized images easily. In our example, we are exporting to the Desktop.

Resize 1

Ensure that Use Advanced Options is ticked, then click on Advanced Options. This brings up the window below. Ensure that it looks like this sample, with Resize, Switch Width and Height to match long sides and Preserve Aspect Ratio are all ticked. You can pick 1920 x 1080 quickly under the Pick a Standard Size drop down list. Click OK.

Resize 2

This takes you back to your original window where you now have to set up your jpegs using the Settings button next to Output Format (which needs to be set to jpeg). Use the settings as in the image below and all should be well.  Click OK.

Note: Unless you want to change the jpeg settings, you need not visit this window again.

Resize 6

Once you have done all this you are ready to resize your image (or images) by clicking the Convert button as in our example below.

Resize 3

This starts the resizing process and brings up another window which, once resizing is complete, will show you a list of the resized images with the new size in kb listed so that you can ensure that your files are less than the required 1.5mb.

Should your files be greater than 1.5mb, return to the Settings button to the right of the Output Format section and adjust the quality slider to something less.  It is difficult to determine how many kb a jpeg file will be as jpegs with more detail will produce larger files than one with less detail, such as one with lots of plain sky as opposed to an image of a tree with many branches and leaves.

In our sample below, our file is now a very lightweight 413kb.

Resize 5

Once you have checked the file size is under 1.5mb you may still need to rename your image file to suit your intended purpose.

We told you it was really simple.


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