Ron Cork


Private Image Evaluation Sessions.

Ron CorkNot everyone submits their work into a monthly image appraisal or competition. Not everyone is prepared to expose themselves to the processes of judgement and appraisal. Some have more images they would like to submit than is allowed by the rules of each event. Some would like advice on a range of images before choosing which to submit for appraisal or which to print.

Ron Cork* runs an image appraisal session at his home by appointment only.  At these sessions you can bring 1-2 (or more) prints or jpeg images which he will help you in evaluating, suggesting modifications to such things as composition, editing and cropping, and give constructive and informed feedback on each. 

Maybe you have an image you really like but it has not done well before a judge and would like to know why, or at least get a 2nd (3rd) opinion, then this might be for you.

To quote Nick Melidonis and a few others, “A painter starts with an empty canvas and decides what to put in. A photographer starts with everything the lens can capture and has to decide what to leave out. Deciding how to frame a photograph that keeps the most important and powerful elements while removing or reducing unwanted content is a critical creative skill in photography.”

This is a skill that can be taught and learnt.

Whether you bring a print or a digital file on a memory stick or CD, Ron prefers that you also bring the original RAW capture and if possible the unflattened Photoshop file as well. These may not be used but it allows for broader appreciation and deeper appraisal of an image. It also opens the image for experimenting with editing ideas that you can take home with you.

*Ron is  both a long standing member of KPS and a very experienced judge as well as being a founding member of the Australian Photographic Judges Association. He isn’t as serious as he looks in his photo.

KPS members can also post images for evaluation by other members on our private Facebook page here.

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