Using WeTransfer

Using WeTransfer to send files is really easy, and for the casual user, is also completely free.

AT KPS, our main use of WeTransfer is to send images to our image steward. The correct email address to use is

Once you have your images ready (with the correct filenames and sizing) go to You may be given the option to Take Me To Free or to sign up for their paid service. Unless you have a need for the paid service, we suggest you choose FREE.

Take me to Free is the one for KPS members.

You may have to agree to their terms and conditions but then you will see a window with a smaller section as in the image below. This is the important bit.

Once you have this onscreen, simply drag the image files that you prepared earlier onto the bit where it says Add your Files. For KPS purposes you can only submit a few images files each month but WeTransfer can transfer as many files as you can fit in 2 gigabytes (or 2.5 gb if you register or more if you pay for the pro version).

Put in the email address where it says Email to.

Put in your email address for confirmation that the files have been sent and received.

Type in a short message where it says Message. Something appropritate like Four images for the September evaluation attached would be good.

Once you have done this, hit the Transfer button.

If you have done everything correctly, a progress dial will pop up that shows you how the upolad process is going. Once completed, a message will pop up telling you that the files have been uploaded. You will also receive an email telling you this.

Another email will arrive once the pics have been downloaded by our image steward. If, for some reason, the files have not been downloaded you should receive another email after five days alerting you to this non-download.

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